Old Dominion Freight Line Ranked #1 National LTL Carrier For 14th Consecutive Year

The Best in the Game – 14 Years Strong

Old Dominion Freight Line Ranked #1 National LTL Carrier

For a record-breaking 14th year, shipping professionals have once again named Old Dominion the #1 National LTL Carrier for Quality.

Each year, Mastio & Company’s independent industry study of LTL carriers asks shippers what matters to them when choosing a carrier, and how their current carriers are performing. The 2023 survey compiled responses from over 1,600 logistics professionals from June to October 2023. 

Freight decision makers ranked OD #1 on 25 attributes, including freight picked up and delivered when promised, delivered with no damages or shortages, consistent transit times, carrier trustworthiness, and ease of doing business. OD strives to provide our customers with exceptional service and be the best shipping team in the industry. These results, along with several other customer feedback methods, help OD understand how we can continually improve – year over year.

Logistics and LTL industry decision makers ranked OD the #1 National LTL Carrier for Quality in the following attributes.*

  • Carrier is trustworthy
  • Shipments picked up when promised
  • Ease of doing business with the carrier
  • Carrier is responsive
  • Customer service responds to my needs in a timely manner
  • Carrier meets appointment time for pickup
  • Carrier meets appointment time for deliveries
  • Shipments delivered when promised
  • Shipments delivered with no damages
  • Consistent transit times (on time %)
  • Problem resolution
  • Freight tracking capabilities
  • Ease of scheduling a pickup
  • Shipments delivered with no shortages
  • Billing is accurate
  • Rate stability
  • Drivers are courteous and professional
  • Truck appearance
  • Pricing terms are easy to understand
  • Weighing accuracy
  • Claims process
  • Proactive communications (notification of problems)
  • Knowledgeable and helpful sales representatives
  • Competitive transit times
  • Willing to be flexible with operations

*OD was ranked highest among National LTL Carriers on these attributes.

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