Important Shipping Documents

Tariffs are the rate/price applied to certain freight delivered from one point to another. There are different tariffs depending on the form of cargo, the transport type (truck, ship, train, aircraft), freight weight, and the distance to the delivery destination. ODFL regularly maintains our tariff documentation. If you have questions, please contact customer service


100 Rules Tariff

The Rules 100 tariff applies on interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce, and then only in connection with tariffs making specific reference hereto by ODFL Number. This tariff is also referred to as "OD Rules 100" or "ODFL 100 Rules Tariff".


Other Tariffs

View and download other tariffs that could apply to your freight. 


Cancelled Tariffs

View and download tariffs that have been cancelled or replaced by new versions. 

Accessorial Charges Brochure

This document represents an abbreviated form or quick reference guide to frequently used accessorial charges. This should not be considered a complete list and shall not be binding on either party. Service option pricing is subject to change and can vary based on your rate structure.