LTL Transit Times & Route Guides

Reliably Serving Thousands of Points Daily.

OD's Transit Time tools show you the times between points served in the United States and Canada. Use one of the tools below to enter your origin and destination, then view or be emailed the results.


Transit Time by Location

Get Old Dominion transit times between points in the U.S. and Canada by entering origin and destination ZIP or postal codes.


Expedited Transit Time Search

View and export OD Expedited transit times between points in the U.S. and Canada. 


Transit Times by Email

Receive a CSV file via email containing transit times to all Old Dominion points from a specific ZIP code.


Transit Time Maps by Service Center

ODFL LTL transit time maps show the number of in-transit days between your origin and destination. Visit the OD service center locator to review the transit times from a shipping terminal to various locations in the U.S. and Canada. 


LTL Route Guide

View points served by Old Dominion. Search by state then sort the results by city, zip code, service center or service type.