National Container Drayage

Full Container (FCL) Import, Export or Domestic Rail Services

OD offers drayage services from multiple locations on the East Coast, including loading, unloading, short-term warehousing and backhaul services.

Container Drayage Service Features

  • Full range of container-related services, such as loading, unloading and short-term warehousing
  • Inland container pools available for the convenience of inland shippers
  • Dependable service
  • Company-owned chassis available at major port service centers
  • Over 99% on-time delivery to and from the ports
  • Assembly and distribution service available
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation service available at all service centers
  • Knowledgeable people devoted to your success and ready to assist you
  • Interchange agreements with all major steamship lines
  • Triaxle chassis available
Container Drayage Service Centers
LocationPhone Number
Charleston, SC1-800-922-5197
Norfolk, VA1-866-875-5319
Savannah, GA1-866-872-7013
Inland Service Centers
LocationPhone Number
Atlanta, GA1-877-666-7485
Charlotte, NC1-800-922-5197
Dillon, SC1-800-922-5197
Greensboro, NC1-800-922-5197
Greer, SC1-800-922-5197